A Moment

Today I need to write. Yes, you are correct, this post has no photos. I am in a place of feeling something that is bothering me. Honestly can’t pin point it, just a series of events leading to a feeling. I want to get up dance around and shake it off, but that doesn’t seem to work. So I write. There are so many more important things to be doing right now than writing on this blog, but I just felt I needed a moment. Do you ever feel that way? Breath, relax, put things into perspective, give thanks, move forward.

Now as I am writing, I really dont know what to say, so maybe a poem instead, and I am not a poet, let’s just clear that up right now. Maybe call it: words and feelings I can’t fit into anywhere else. 

Alone but not really, she enters the thought

Grasping for inspiration and love

Thick skin and outward appearances

No, it’s a matter of the heart

Like most poems I read, I cant really tell you what it means, haha but maybe one of you can somehow relate, or in an odd way, be encouraged. That is why I started this blog anyway, to share my life and encourage my friends. Love you all.


Lola Bee Cowger

Yes Lola Bee Cowger, that’s her full name. Here we are once again and nearly a month has gone by since my last post.  Anyhow, here is Lola herself. This dog brings me so much joy. I mean man, does she have a personality! She wasn’t ready to wake up this morning, and made her own little bed after Peter left for work.

Some new developments for the Cowgers:

Peter and I are getting ready to move to the South Hill at the end of the month, I am gearing up for a busy summer of wedding and photo sessions, our anniversary is around the corner and we are blessed to be able to celebrate with a mini vacation to CA, Finally all my business details and papers are taken care of, Peter and I have been playing on the Worship team at Eastpoint Church, and we have been enjoying the sun staying up later, and talking long walks with Lola Bee in the evenings. Keep checking back for updates on our lives!

Easter Colors

Yes I have been pretty bad about posting on this blog! Been so busy with getting my business running smoothly, planning for the busy summer, and trying to keep the house clean, and marriage fed. All good things.

Anyway here are some new photos from easter weekend. Peter, Lola, and I went home to Pullman to be with my Family. No greater feeling on earth that being home. Just love it. Happy Spring everyone!

Winter in March

Just got home from a wonderful weekend in the snow. Always a treat to be with family and enjoy some time away from our busy lives. Feeling refreshed this Morning!

Now I have throughly enjoyed the snow this year, but I am sooo ready for some warm summer sun on my skin!!

The not so small things

This morning as I settle down at my computer I am feeling so loved by the Lord. It never ceases to amaze me how much he orchestrates my life, bringing me not only good, but  best. There is a difference. And he knows what is best for me, I trust him fully. This weekend I had a photo session. The weather was AWESOME, the best day we have had all year. The day before was rainy and cold, and when I woke up monday to a gray sky, I just smiled. How awesome is he to provide that warm sunny day just when I needed it?

I have been praying a lot lately about letting go of my tendency to worry, and my want to strain and struggle to make things happen before their time. Why is this so hard for me? Most all this worry has to do with my work as a photographer. Am I good enough? What if I freeze up and look unprofessional? What if I don’t succeed? What if I do succeed and I hate it? The Lord is reminding me that he knows what is best for me, and he knows what success will look like in my life. I just have to trust him and be patient.We are so loved by God it astounds me. He takes on our cares, and gives us back gifts in exchange. I usually over look this, and find something to complain about, instead of being thankful for him providing for me. I need to learn to see my life and my success through him, and know that the world’s standards are not the same. And that is a good thing.


When I feel down, discouraged, or ungrateful, I only have to think of this amazing man. How he selflessly loves me, and encourages me to pursue my business dreams, at the sacrifice of immediate gain. Oh and our honeymoon to Hawaii, I am pretty grateful for a treat like that!

I can’t wait for Summer!!! I miss the warmth on my face, and bright morning sun.