Summer Months

Summer is going well. Busy, busy, busy, and so much is happening this time of year. That being the main reason for my absence in updating this blog.  Recently I got to travel with my family to Oregon, relax, shop, reconnect, and enjoy the cooler weather.

I was just going to take a minute out of my night to post these photos, but really all I can think of is how thankful I am at this moment.

1. A job that gives me JOY

2. How Lola gives me a sigh of understanding when I tell her my frustrations. (don’t worry I am not crazy, you’d have to be a dog person to understand)

3. The new relationships growing in my life and business

4. Seeing my Brother John last weekend

5. Knowing that Peter and I are on the same team, and we will always fight for each other

6. Laughing till it hurts

7. Lastly, I am most thankful for challenges and hard things, this month has had a lot. I see why Paul says in the word we should count these as blessings for they give our character a chance to grow.


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