I am creative, I am easily inspired, I am ambitious. You would think that would be enough to run a business, or at least I was crazy enough to think that. It might get you by for a while, but there comes a place where that just won’t cut it. I am continuing to learn the importance of following a list, a schedule, a routine. Not to mention the reallllly boring stuff like excel spead sheets, sales tax, and the department of revenue. I always thought I was a photographer, self employed, an artist, because it just happened that way. I think perhaps I am these things so that I can learn (and knowing me, most likely the hard way) to be disciplined, focused, and meet my goals, someone that actually follows through. Yes. And now that I look back on the past few years, I see a progression. Actual improvement! Wow. I am not so behind after all. Perspective is a great thing. 

Here I am at my first paying wedding 4 years ago!


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