A Thankful Time

Peter and I were at the Oregon Coast for Thanksgiving this year to be with the Cowger clan. It was such a wonderful time to be with Family, and to form new memories together.

Just loved being at the Coast, hearing the crashing waves and children’s laughter. Now Christmas is just around the corner, more family time ahead!



Well I suppose now that I am dying to put up Christmas decorations, I guess I should show you some of my Fall or should I say Autumn decor. I am a big lover of making your home feel festive, warm, and inviting. AND you don’t have to spend much money doing it.

My Autumn Leaf and Twig Bouquet: Glass Vase: $1.00 at the Dollar Tree. Twigs: Free from Mother Nature. Faux Autumn Leaves: $3.00 for a big bag at Hobby Lobby. ( you could use real ones too!) I think putting the leaves in the glass really makes this bouquet pop!

My straw flower clusters: Antique white vases: $0.89-$2.99 atĀ almost EVERY Thrift Store. (Although I think I did clean Spokane out for a while as I bough a bunch for a bridal shower) Straw flowers: FREE at end of the season U-Pick flower farm. I was so excited when my straw flowers were dried enough to make these vases yesterday, there are now lots around the house! So fun to have some colorful decor.


Not to say I don’t love Autumn and Thanksgiving…BUT

Now only 17 days till I can start to decorate for CHRISTMAS!!!!