Where’s Summer Gone?

Today doesn’t feel like summer.

Windy and brisk outside my window.

That bittersweet end of warmth

Making me want the holidays

Lola still waiting for her walk

The click and clack of my keyboard.



Yesterday I got rear-ended. Today my neck is a bit stiff.

I am off to Portland today to see my Sisters run a half-marathon, feel the wet air, and be with my Mom.

I will miss you Peter and Lola, but I’ll take lots of photos.


Endurance is not something that comes naturally to me. In High school I was a sprinter, I don’t mind pain, but I’d rather it was intense and quick than drawn out over time. 

Anyone who really knows me will know that I tend to loose interest quickly. I like change and I like new experiences. And I like to say it how it is. My sister said to me when I got engaged. “Rosie, you know you can’t just get tired of a husband, that’s for life.” I love my sister and I swear she is wiser than I was at 18.

Even though of course I am not going to leave my marriage if it gets “boring” (I made a lifelong commitment to Peter and to God), I do have to remember this quality about myself and guard my thoughts.  After being married I understand why the books say “marriage will reveal your most negative qualities.” Now not to say that marriage so far hasn’t been wonderful, because it certainly has, but I have also observed myself doing the things I had hoped would not be so apparent, hoped that I would have had more self-control.

If I am unkind to Peter, am a bad listener, or plain ol’ MEAN (things which tend to be my weaknesses) I think about what my sister said,  “this is for life.” Each new day is a chance for my character to grow and for me to practice patience, understanding, and compassion. I know some of you may be thinking. “Okay, come on, you’re a newlywed, you have no kids! You have free time! What are you talking about?! It’s going to get so much harder!” Yes I know life will get harder at times, and especially for someone who has a track record of resisting endurance, but I also am AWARE OF IT. I want to strive to correct these weaknesses in me now, before they become a habit in my life and marriage. Galations 6:9 has been resounding in my mind this past week.  “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up”

I am so thankful that I married a man who does not give up, even when I sometimes want to. Someone who becomes the optimist for me when I only see the possible negative results. I am so blessed. I am so humbled and challenged to do better. To guard my heart from thinking, “this is too hard, it is supposed to be easy because everyone else says marriage is bliss, something must be wrong.” No. Nothing is wrong. This is how wrestling out the bad character from the good looks, and how I am learning to choose to do the right thing. And how wonderful and beautiful is it to know that no matter how hard or easy it gets, this is forever.
I have someone who will never give up on me, and who makes me want to do better. And who takes me out on a Saturday night after working on the weekend just to say I love you.

Smells like home

I remember growing up at home and learning about hospitality. My mom was great at it. I remember lighting candles to add some ambiance, turning on soft music, and getting tea ready. I thought that when I grew up I always wanted my house to smell good. Like home. I believe that is one of the reasons why I am an avid lover of candles and tea.

Yesterday I noticed that the house did not smell so good. After I vacuumed, swept and actually mopped for the first time in umm.. months, it felt much better. Today I bought this candle on clearance and IT SMELLS SO GOOD. Something so nostalgic about candles to me. Makes me feel like Love, Tea, and Cookies, Christmas, and Home, even on a summer day.

Summer Sun

I can hardly believe that it’s half way through August and we have only had a few weeks of hot, hot weather. Sunday was one of those wonderful warm days and we got to spend it on CDA Lake. This summer has seemed odd too because our cabin is getting renovated, so we have only had a few boat rides, instead of every few weekends up there. It does make me appreciate the time we have had though.  Lola loves her Peter.Okay she has got to be the prettiest Boston Terrier ever, I mean look at that face! Lola is becoming quite the boat dog, this is her second summer up to the lake and for a little boston she seems quite comfortable on the water. Her life jacket helps as she tends to sink down a bit when she swims and gets water in her ears. When I jumped in she actually jumped in after me, I think she wanted to ‘rescue’ me. How sweet Lolie. Gotta love quality time with the parents. They are great, and have blessed us so much. And they love Lola too. Lola likes laying on the warm leather on back of the boat. Everyone loves going to Harrison. This time we got ice cream and relaxed in the park for a while. Ahhh Summer weekends I will miss you. Pete is awesome as you all know. He is always so helpful and strong. Love him! Someone had to sit with Lola while we got ice cream. There she is eying another dog..hahaTen Thousand was my Uncle Gary’s favorite game. He passed away last Summer. We play it and think of him. I miss you Uncle, very much. Sky of blue and trees of Green. So thankful for creation. Purest beauty there is.  She is the most beautiful lady. Love you Grandma Anna. Glad you and Grandpa live so close.Freedom. I want to be better at remembering how blessed I am. Freedom I take for granted. Oh dear. Thank you God for my Freedom in you.What a wonderful and full day of boating, family, and laughter. And I did practice my boat driving skills, getting ready for big parties next year. New Cabin new memories. Such blessings.And it doesn’t get much better than this. 


Okay hold the phone! This drink is soooo YUMMY! When I was in Pullman last weekend I went to the Farmer’s Market with my family. One of the food stands had this yumminess for sale. I of course have been dying to recreate it ever since! And I have to say I think I like my version even better. I bet you are dying to know what’s in it aren’t you?! I hereby dub it Watermelon-Strawberry-Mint-Lemonade. The mint is the BEST part, such the perfect secret ingredient!  Last night I had everything I needed and decided to give it a go. Here is the recipe best I can remember, I didn’t really measure anything of course.

1.5 quarts Lemonade (or so..)

24 oz. frozen sweetened sliced strawberries (fresh would be good too with a little agave nectar)

1/4-1/2 of a BIG watermelon crushed up with a fork

10-15 finely chopped mint leaves

First I blended the stawberries and crushed watermelon in a blender ( I left about a 1/4 of the strawberries out to add at the end.)

I then poured the blended mixture into two 2 quart juice containers (filled about a third of the way up for each)

Next I topped off the containters with the lemonaid and added the chopped mint.

Final step was to mix it all up and then add the rest of the remaining sliced strawberries and several whole mint leaves.

 AND Let me just say again YUM!  Pete was a very big fan. You all have to make this. It is just the perfect summer refreshment!


I can’t believe it has been just over two months since Peter and I got married! Pete brought me these flowers last week. They are still in bloom. Gotta love Costco bouquets! Just today I started scrapbooking a photo album, I want to fill an album with memories from our first year of marriage. (Hopefully it will be one we want to remember, everyone says the first year is so hard!) Anyway yes I have started the photo album. I just finished some pages from our wedding, feels like just yesterday we were up there getting married. Next in the album will be the honeymoon, speaking of which I need to go to Costco to pick up my prints before they close! Always seems when I go to Costco I don’t get out of there in under an hour, at least the samples will be closed, that ‘s usually what distracts me. I am praying I have the discipline to keep this photo album (and this blog!) going all year, it will be great to look back on. Wish me luck!