Today Pete is playing drums at church. It has been a while since either of us have gotten to play on a worship team. I am so proud of him that he is going for it after a long break of not playing.

I know if I was asked to lead worship I might let my nerves or fear of failure stop me from acting in my gifting. I am so glad to be married to the kind of person who can look past those hinderances and act!

Love you Peter and Happy Sunday.


I had coffee today with my dear old friend, Meaghan. (well I had tea as I recently have found Coffee and me don’t always agree.) As we sat there and chatted over our coffee, passion tea, and blueberry cake, I was reminded of how much life has changed recently. In the 8th grade Meaghan and I we were inseparable. Funny how when you are 14 it feels like things will last forever, you can hardly fathom the thought of things changing, but they do. Sometimes slowly and sometimes swiftly, but change is always happening, always there. I definitely embrace change in the way that it brings about new stages and seasons in life, which are refreshing, and challenging, and good. However, I often am alarmed at the thought that I am changing and not sure if I like it. Maybe it is just maturing. Being formed into something different doesn’t have to be negative. They key point is what am I allowing to change me?  Is it Good or bad? Righteous or sinful? I suppose that is the question of change in me that really matters. 

Meaghan and I both recently got married, and have changed immensely since 8th grade. (which I am glad for!)  I am so overjoyed for my decision to marry Peter. This year has brought much change. The good kind, the kind I hope to continue to weigh, choose, and embrace.

Climb the Mountain

They’ll say, “Come, lets Climb God’s Mountain, go to the house of the God of Jacob. He’ll show us the way he works so we can live the way we’re made.”

Isaiah 2:2 The Message. 

I sometimes read The Message version during my devotion time. Not always, and not alone as it is a meaning for meaning at best. But I do love how straight forward it makes me see things in the word. Perhaps it is just dumbed down for our less than literarily stimulated generation. However that maybe, I find its phrasing and direct language refreshing and piercing at times. “So we can live the way we’re made..”. Spending time with God brings be closer to who he wants me to be. It is a shame I so often think of reading the word and prayer time as my “duty to God” instead of spending time getting to know my creator, and learning to live the way I was made… 

Today I am challenged to do better. It helps me to read The Message, to see things more bluntly and dumbed down. Often I need that. Perhaps this is when my spirit is weakest, yet the Lord meets me where I am. EVERY TIME.

Be blessed today,





New Life. New Blog.

Hi everyone. I have had a photography blog for years now where I post all my photo shoots and professional endeavors. I thought it was about time I started a personal blog too. I often loose sight of how my photo taking can transcribe both professional and personal in my life. Here it is. I hope to post as much as I can and for this blog be an outlet for me to express of my everyday life through words and photos. Though I think I am better at the latter, I will try my best at the words too!

As many of you know. I have a boston terrier named Lola. She is about a year and a half now and a complete hoot! As I don’t have kids yet, I will admit she is like my baby. And I think Peter feels the same but he might not admit that.

This photo was taken at my old apartment were I lived before I got married this past June. Lola would sit on my bed and watch the marmots run around the end of the golf course, letting out the occasional low growl just to let me know she was guarding us from danger! Oh Lola…

Lola lives for her daily walks, in fact she is sitting right by my computer chair as I type, waiting for me to get up. It’s almost that time Lola..almost.

As I said before, Peter and I were married June 5th. I am now Rose Emily Cowger, and couldn’t be happier with this new thing called “a husband” in my life! Still getting used to saying that word…husband, I will admit it kind of makes me feel old. Peter is such a wonderful man, I am blessed beyond measure to have roped such a strong, kind, caring, loyal, and handsome hubby. After our beautiful wedding Pete took me to HAWAII!

Yes try not to be too jealous! It was a wonderful as it looks. I am so happy we took the trip.

And our latest adventure to catch you all up on is our trip to Ireland with my parents and siblings. I feel like this year has just been one of those once in a lifetime kinda years. Marriage, new apartment, Hawaii, Ireland, I am so blessed. So very blessed and thankful for all the gifts the Lord has poured on us this year already! I surely don’t deserve it, but have been cherishing every moment of it.

Here we are in Ireland. It was so beautiful and so great to be with family.

Expect lots more from me on this new blog of our daily life together, and Lola too!

Thanks for stopping by,

Rose Emily