Summer Months

Summer is going well. Busy, busy, busy, and so much is happening this time of year. That being the main reason for my absence in updating this blog.  Recently I got to travel with my family to Oregon, relax, shop, reconnect, and enjoy the cooler weather.

I was just going to take a minute out of my night to post these photos, but really all I can think of is how thankful I am at this moment.

1. A job that gives me JOY

2. How Lola gives me a sigh of understanding when I tell her my frustrations. (don’t worry I am not crazy, you’d have to be a dog person to understand)

3. The new relationships growing in my life and business

4. Seeing my Brother John last weekend

5. Knowing that Peter and I are on the same team, and we will always fight for each other

6. Laughing till it hurts

7. Lastly, I am most thankful for challenges and hard things, this month has had a lot. I see why Paul says in the word we should count these as blessings for they give our character a chance to grow.

A Little Summer Treat

Wedding season is in full swing! Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the amount of work I have before me each week, but then somehow I fall in love with my work again, this must be God’s doing. How kind is he?! With the kind of job I have that tends to creep into every area of my life and consume me, I’ve found it is important to take breaks. (especially from the computer!)  I got take a trip down to pullman for an extended weekend to see my family and go to my friend Hannah’s wedding. And sneak in two photo sessions, naturally…

I can’t even tell you how refreshing it was!!!


To see more photos of Hannah’s Wedding check out the Urban Rose Blog HERE


I ALSO got to see my Friend Evie who was in town for a week, My friend Bekah, my Family, and do some maternity photos for my other friend KC, and family photos for some of my favorite clients!

My life is truly rich, and this was one of the highlights of my summer, I can just tell!

I seriously can’t get over how pretty the Palouse is this time of year! Of course there were games and yummy food!There is the sweetest U-pick flower farm in Pullman area! LOVE it. $7 for a giant bucket of flowers, what a deal! Embossing my CD mailers for Urban Rose turned out so great.It was ALSO my Mom’s birthday on Sunday. I did write the wrong number on accident, but it made her day! 🙂

Scouting Location for my Family session at the U of I arboretum KC is due in less than a month! Thanks Bekah for helping with the session.

Ahh Life is good. I am thankful.

RIght now most thankful that my hubby comes home in 20 minutes, and it’s been 4 days! 

Apothecary Jar Terrarium

Here is an update on my latest DIY project. And actually NO I didn’t find this on pinterest! Although I am sure there are lots of great tutorials on there for terrariums. I got the inspiration from one of my daily blog reads Thrifty Decor Chic. Her blog is a great resource for home decor and design.

Apothecary Jar Terrarium HOW TO:

Supplies needed: Apothecary Jar (or mason jar would be cute too) small rocks, potting soil, and succulents of your choice (these are hen and chicks because that is all I could find)

Step 1: Layer the bottom the the jar with small rocks (this allows a little drainage for the soil)  I wish I would have put in more rocks so you could see them on the sides, the dirt pretty much filled in around mine.

Step 2: Fill the jar about 3/4 full of potting soil.  I ended up mostly using the soil that came with the plant, as it was already moist. 

Step 3: Take apart the pot of succulents, separating the roots of all separate plants, and arrange in the soil of the prepared jar.

Step 4: Press soil in around the succulents and spritz with water to get the dirt of edges and moisten plants.

And your DONE! These don’t need much water, once a week spritz should do it.  I keep the lid off about half the time so it can breath.

I was lucky enough to find this jar at a thrift store for $3.99, and already had rocks and potting soil. So I only spent about $9.00 total once I bought the succulents. I want to try some in bigger and smaller jars too. I think this is just the cutest way to add a little decor and get some green growing!

Someone else try it and let me know how yours turns out!


Home from vacation. This trip was just what the doctor ordered. Rejuvenated and ready to conquer the busy and exciting months ahead. God you are so good to bless us beyond understanding, and I thank you 7 times 70 for my husband Peter.

Just a little snippet from our anniversary trip. More photos to come next week on the

Urban Rose BLOG

One Whole Year

Today is our anniversary. Wow. One whole year of us. Together. Loving. Learning. Working. Serving. Giving. Listening. I have not found marriage to be a fairy tale, no not at all, it is something much more real than that.  I am thankful for this new phase of life and am over joyed for years to come. I just keep on loving you more Pete.

Here are some photos of last summer, giving lola a bath. (forgive the point and shoot camera!) These are the moments our marriage is made of. Living real life together.

The Look on her face is priceless! Ha!

Here is a photo of us over 5 years ago! Wow. We have had our serious ups and downs Peter, but it’s always been you!


I am creative, I am easily inspired, I am ambitious. You would think that would be enough to run a business, or at least I was crazy enough to think that. It might get you by for a while, but there comes a place where that just won’t cut it. I am continuing to learn the importance of following a list, a schedule, a routine. Not to mention the reallllly boring stuff like excel spead sheets, sales tax, and the department of revenue. I always thought I was a photographer, self employed, an artist, because it just happened that way. I think perhaps I am these things so that I can learn (and knowing me, most likely the hard way) to be disciplined, focused, and meet my goals, someone that actually follows through. Yes. And now that I look back on the past few years, I see a progression. Actual improvement! Wow. I am not so behind after all. Perspective is a great thing. 

Here I am at my first paying wedding 4 years ago!

Babies and Silly Faces

Incase any of you have been wondering… this is how silly I look when I photograph! Come on, help me out photographer friends. Have you figured out how to keep yourself from doing the scrunch face when you soot?

On another note, how cute is my new nephew?!

This has got to be my favorite shot. Look at those lips! Love you Joe Chapman!

If you missed my post of baby Joe on the Urban Rose Blog, check it out HERE